Ransomware attack:Petya Ransomeware explained.


Petya  Ransomeware  the new malicious software which is affecting many computers these days. It is known to be spread through infected network around the world.It is the also the second attack of this kind in last 2 months after WannaCry.

What is Ransomeware?

   we have to know what is Ransomeware.It is a program coded to use the vulnerability available in the network and attacks particularly Microsoft Windows PCs for the sake of ransom.It is a malware which blocks the the access of a user to the system and it’s data and it demands money to let you regain access.

How it works?

 It encrypts the data of an infected computer and demands ransom in return of access to the data.The victim has to provide approximately 200$ or roughly 12,000 to 13,000 INR in the form of bitcoin  in order to get the key to decrypt the files.If you haven’t backed up data recently you may have to do the payment of have to forget about the data.

 It basically looks like a archive file so if u accidentally download anything open it only after scanning it by a valid antivirus.When someone accidentally opens it starts installing and this is the screen which will appear when the software is installing.From First glance it looks like a normal booting window, but if you look carefully you may see the message 


This itself looks very suspicious because windows will never show such messages.This process generally encrypts the data in the hard disk of your PC. If you encounter this type of situation dont panic just stop the computer and take a backup of the data of the hard disk if the process is incomplete.

If it is already completed you can’t do anything but to send money to the hacker who will send the key to decrypt data files.

It is also reported that the email  client provided in the page is taken off now and is offline,which further makes the topic of recovering data irrelevant because whether you sent money to them or not,you can’t contact the hackers and get the key.

Final Thoughts:

    There are several PC’s in India which don’t have a genuine copy of windows making them vulnerable of such  attacks, so it is recommended to properly verify the software which you are installing from its source. I will also recommend you to take a backup of your important data in order to secure your data.

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